Cassius Summer 2009 Sunglasses

cassius-summer-2009-sunglasses-front-540x378 Cassius Summer 2009 Sunglasses

Premium eyewear brand Cassius has released some nice new sunglasses for Summer 2009. They present the Gehry, Pawson and Le Corbusier frames in several colorways. Nice details on the frames, as well as great lense colors make the Cassius sunglasses stick out. These are now available at Oak.

cassius-summer-2009-sunglasses-front-150x150 Cassius Summer 2009 Sunglassescassius-summer-2009-sunglasses-4-150x150 Cassius Summer 2009 Sunglassescassius-summer-2009-sunglasses-2-150x150 Cassius Summer 2009 Sunglasses

cassius-summer-2009-sunglasses-1-150x150 Cassius Summer 2009 Sunglassescassius-summer-2009-sunglasses-3-150x150 Cassius Summer 2009 Sunglasses


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